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Jun 20, 2020


Love Me If You Love Me,Terror Fabolous

Handle the Ride,Tanya Stephens

Give Them a Ride,Sizzla

do good everytime,SIZZLA

battle field,LOUIE CULTURE

wait deh man,COCOA TEA

can't cool,A.J. BROWN

i don't wanna loose you,GEORGE NOOKS

so i want you baby,SINGING MELODY

Lonesome Side,Cocoa Tea

Peenie Peenie,Shabba Ranks

Wicked Inna Bed,Shabba Ranks

Dash Way Belly,Johnny P.

Groovy Kind of Love,Singing Melody

dream, wayne wonder

a little understanding, wayne wonder

Sailing,Tony Curtis

Subsitute Lover,Half Pint


Dont Worry,Sanchez

Its Growing,Garnet Silk

Garnet Silk-Splashing Dashing,Garnet Silk

Weeping and Morning,Admiral Tibbit

Long and Tall,Bounty Killer

No Fun Ting,Spragga Benz

test the high power,Ninja Man

Things A Gwan,Ninjaman

To All The Youths,Beenie Man

Jah Jah Deh Don,Terry Ganzie

Almighty God,Terror Fabulous

Cant Beat We Haffi Friend We,Turbo Belly

Bombs And Rockets,Louie Culture

Old Bruck Goverment,Frisco Kid

Good Character,Determine

My Whole World Is Falling Down,Bunny Brown

miss getty getty,Major Mackerel

good good loving, shabba ranks & wayne fire

GAL YUH GOOD,Shabba Ranks

Pay Down Pon It,Shabba Ranks

Hard and Stiff,Shabba Ranks

Waiting for You,Singing Melody

No Argument,Bounty Killer

Ragga Ragga,Terry Ganzie

No Time to Gaze,Sizzla

Dem Bow,Shabba Ranks

Dem Flop,Spragga Benz